Hired Puns is an interactive text role-play game that lets the player experience a day in the life of a freelance professional. You play a freelance writer searching for a new project, so as to be able to afford their rent. There are many ways to find work when you're self-employed. The goal of the game is to find a client who respects your time and effort, and will pay you fairly for your work.

Advances in technology allow more people to be their own boss, making freelancing a more viable livelihood. But being self-employed isn't as easy as it seems: There's no steady paycheck unless you take the initiative to get your name out there and keep finding new clients. 

This is a fictional game that is meant to be informative and fun; it is not meant to reflect on any specific type of client, but on the challenges that freelance workers face in general. We hope that Hired Puns will give you a renewed appreciation for freelance professionals. They have to eat and pay bills like the rest of us.

Ready? Let's get started!